From time to time home owners or occupants don’t wish to have photos in the home show up on the home’s listing. For just a couple, it’s not that difficult to blur them in Photoshop. For an entire wall, that could be a too much time in editing to not charge for. It’s a matter of quantity rather than size so if it’s just one or two photos to replace, it’s best to leave them in place as that will still leave the frame in place with its shadows. If it’s a whole wall of  smaller photos, they should be taken down and packed up and another piece of art can be edited in if it’s a large wall and needs something to break up a large blank space. 

Any artwork of exceptional value should be packed up and not in view when photos are made. It’s not always possible to edit things out of images convincingly and in the course of a busy day, requested edits might be overlooked in the rush to get a gallery turned around and delivered. To revisit a gallery later to make changes is time consuming as not all editing steps are preserved when creating images and would require starting again from scratch. 

Anything that an owner does not want seen should be removed from view if possible. Anything that can’t be removed should be on a written list for the photographer to be able to review during editing. Some edits may incur additional charges. While Photoshop can be an amazing tool, some things that seem like they should be simple to do turn out to be very time consuming to make look convincing. Nothing is worse than a “photoshopped” image that looks “photoshopped”.