In 2006 I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel and a couple of lenses to take pictures of my hobby of high power rocketry and return to a love of photography that I left behind in school. After posting some pictures to an online rocketry forum, I was contacted by the editor of Launch Magazine and asked if I would sell them the photos I took of a particular project for an upcoming issue of the magazine. This started my affiliation with Launch Magazine as a freelance contributor of articles and photos, including a few cover shots, for three years until they ceased publication. I branched out into event and expedition photography making pictures for NASA, Sally Ride Science and publications around the world.


Until 2012 photography was just a part time endeavor I enjoyed while my “day” jobs consisted of my own manufacturing company, a manufacturing consultancy practice, designing and building electronic systems for a start-up aerospace firm and working as a precision aerospace machinist. While I still enjoy electronics, mechanics and engineering design, I have made the decision to turn my working life upside down and make photography my full time job. Everything else is now the stuff I do on the side for fun and a little extra profit. When I’m not shooting pictures I play drums, slowly work on several books I have in progress and cook. I may also be reading or watching training videos to expand my knowledge of architectural and interior photography. Real estate photography is my primary focus. While I have done other genres and work on personal projects that vary considerably, my practice is aimed squarely at making great images of the built environment.  The photo above is me returning from an aerial photography assignment with aviation legend Sean Roberts. I love hanging out of the side of Jet Ranger helicopter making photos! It beats Magic Mountain every time.

As an added advantage, I’m undead. That means I don’t show up in reflections so I don’t have to duck below counters or hold the camera at an arms length from the other side of a wall.