Copyright Buyout/Unlimited Usage

On rare occasions, a licensed model is not appropriate. Some high profile sellers insist on complete control/ownership of images. Some MLS’s, franchisers and franchise offices may also require a Copyright transfer or unlimited rights. Requests for unlimited rights is only available by a Copyright buyout. The pricing is more than licensing, but less than commercial rates. There is also more attention to detail and time spent with this arrangement. 

Copyright buyout schedule of pricing:

  • Homes initially listed for $224,999 and under – $60 per image
  • Homes initially listed for $225,000 to $499,999 – $75 per image
  • Homes initially listed for $500,000 to $749,999 – $90 per image
  • Homes initially listed for $750,000 to $1 Million – $105 per image
  • Homes initially listed for over $1 Million are quoted by the project
  • All levels require a 10 image minimum order
  • Travel is billed at $.60 per mile to and from my office in California City
  • Work requiring an overnight stay is billed at mid-level class hotel prices for the area plus a 10% fee.
  • Kenneth Brown is granted perpetual use of all images for use in his portfolio or an additional fee will apply
  • Retouching beyond 2 revisions is $50/hour, billed in 1/2 hour increments.
  • Aerial images, where allowed, are invoiced at the same amount above.
  • This service must be ordered prior to the photos being made.
  • Copyright assignment after principal photography is negotiated at prevailing industry rates. 
  • Pricing includes up to one half day (4 hours) of on-site photography

Copyright transfer for the the images is upon payment in full including any additional assessments for a change in initial listing price.

Image files are delivered electronically. Delivery on a physical device/disk must be assessed state sales tax for the entire job.

Kenneth Brown is under no obligation to archive the images after purchaser has acknowledged receipt and verified file integrity or after 7 days, whichever is sooner.

No discounts apply to this schedule.

Only finished images will be delivered.

Quotations are guaranteed for 14 days.

Payment is due prior to photography.

Other terms and conditions apply. Contact Kenneth Brown for more details.