Real Estate Photography Pricing



Real estate photos are those intended specifically for the marketing of a single residence. Pricing includes a 1-3 hour photography session on site,  basic post processing, a standard usage license (see below) and finished images delivered electronically in multiple resolutions. Photos are guaranteed within 48 hours (Sunday’s excluded) unless otherwise agreed upon and usually delivered before the close of the next business day.  The pricing shown is typical for a large percentage of middle class homes. Estates, large properties and jobs that require special equipment are quoted individually. For pricing specific to your needs, please send me a message on my contact page and I will call you promptly.

Licensed images:

  • Acton, Lake Los Angeles, Littlerock, Quartz Hill, Palmdale, Lancaster and Ridgecrest / Approximately 20 finished images- $200* and up
  • Rosamond, Boron, Tehachapi / Approximately 20 finished images – $150-$175*
  • Mojave / Approximately 20 finished images – $125*
  • California City – Contact me for extra special rates.
  • Eastern Sierra, Lone Pine, Big Pine, Bishop, June, Mammoth – $300* and up for a single property. Discounts for multiple properties. Please call to discuss your needs.
  • Vacation rentals, BnB’s, apartments, motels/hotels and commercial properties are quoted per job.
  • Additional photos ordered at the time of service are priced at $6.00 each.
  • Introductory aerial (drone) photo pricing: 3-5 images, $50 additional**
  • Twilight photos on the same day (approximately 2 images) – $80 (subject to scheduling conditions and other constraints)
  • Twilight photos ordered separately – $125 and up.
  • Custom photo retouching – $50/hr, billed in 1/2 hour increments.
  • Virtual Staging quoted per job.
  • Basic staging consultation on site to prepare for photography- $40 and up.

*Pricing is calculated based on travel distance/time and the number of photos desired. I am based in California City, CA and available to work nationwide.

**Some locations may be in area where drones may not be used. Contact me to make sure your property is not in a no-fly zone or where time may be needed to get a FAA Airspace Authorization. 

Prices are for one physical address. Images of model homes to advertise more than one address are negotiated on an individual basis.

The exact number of images provided is dependent on each property. I will usually provide at least 16 photos of a smaller home and often include more than 20 images for larger homes if I feel that they are needed to properly showcase the property. Customers are welcome to work with me during the initial walk thru to build the shot list to a maximum of 20 images for the above prices. Extra charges may be assessed if there will be another person acting as the Art Director responsible for approval and or staging of each composition due to the extra time that this arrangement will require.

Discounts are available. Please inquire if you are planning to order photography on several properties that can be photographed on the same day. A discount is available for “vacant with a code” properties. If I am already booked for a job in an area and your listing can be photographed on the same day, I’ll offer a discount. Commissions are offered for referring other clients which can include contractors on the same property that wish to have professional photos made of their work. Prepaid discount packages are available for established customers and are a good way to save money if you have a large volume of properties or need service on a regular basis.

Video Walk-Thrus

Simple walk through HD videos are now available made with a Canon professional DSLR camera on a 3-Axis gimbal including a licensed music track. More production options will be available soon.

Social Distance special – $100 as an add-on to a photo package. Delivery is 2-3 days. 

Drone video is included for properties that do not require a special FAA Airspace Authorization. 


Copyright Buyout/Unlimited Usage

On rare occasions, a licensed model is not appropriate. Some high profile sellers insist on complete control/ownership of images. Some MLS’s, franchisers and franchise offices may also require a Copyright transfer or unlimited rights. Requests for unlimited rights is only available by a Copyright buyout. The pricing is more than licensing, but less than commercial rates. There is also more attention to detail and time spent with this arrangement. 

Copyright buyout schedule of pricing:

  • Homes initially listed for $224,999 and under – $60 per image
  • Homes initially listed for $225,000 to $499,999 – $75 per image
  • Homes initially listed for $500,000 to $749,999 – $90 per image
  • Homes initially listed for $750,000 to $1 Million – $105 per image
  • Homes initially listed for over $1 Million are quoted by the project


  • All levels require a 10 image minimum order
  • Travel is billed at $.60 per mile to and from my office in California City
  • Work requiring an overnight stay is billed at mid-level class hotel prices for the area plus a 10% fee.
  • Kenneth Brown is granted perpetual use of all images for use in his portfolio or an additional fee will apply
  • Retouching beyond 2 revisions is $50/hour, billed in 1/2 hour increments.
  • Aerial images, where allowed, are invoiced at the same amount above.
  • This service must be ordered prior to the photos being made.
  • Copyright assignment after principal photography is negotiated at prevailing industry rates. 
  • Pricing includes up to one half day (4 hours) of on-site photography

Copyright transfer for the the images is upon payment in full including any additional assessments for a change in initial listing price.

Image files are delivered electronically. Delivery on a physical device/disk must be assessed state sales tax for the entire job.

Kenneth Brown is under no obligation to archive the images after purchaser has acknowledged receipt and verified file integrity or after 7 days, whichever is sooner.

No discounts apply to this schedule.

Only finished images will be delivered.

Quotations are guaranteed for 14 days.

Payment is due prior to photography.

Other terms and conditions apply. Contact Kenneth Brown for more details.


Commercial Property Photography

All commercial property photography is quoted on a per job basis. Contact Kenneth Brown to discuss your project requirements. While commercial properties are not necessarily more expensive than residential, the requirements and scope of the work make it appropriate to negotiate each project individually.


Licensed photo terms

Kenneth Brown retains all rights to licensed images. Real estate photography license prices include NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-RESELLABLE rights to reproduce and display the photographs for all marketing purposes specifically related to the sale or rental of a single residential property for the full continuous duration of the client’s listing agreement  including the MLS, real estate websites, the realtor’s social media and print advertising. Permission is given for resizing/editing to fit the display dimensions and resolution of web site or printed materials.

The customer is granted a non-transferable, non-resellable license for the image(s) for marketing their services in sold listing compilations and marketing portfolios for a period of 10 years beginning on the date of payment in full for charges relating to those photos. It is asked that a photo credit is given for images on print media. 

Photos may not be resold or otherwise transferred to those including, but not limited to: builders, architects, sellers, buyers, interior designers, stagers, magazines or subsequent listing agents. New agents must purchase images directly from the photographer and are subject to limitations negotiated with the original listing agent. Copyright is exclusively retained by Kenneth Brown and images must be licensed by Kenneth Brown for any use.


Licensing is subject to receipt in full of all charges related to the shoot. Other licensing terms can be negotiated to suit the needs of your project.